CSF Reminders for CBG Tour On Friday

For those heading to the Chicago Botanic Garden Friday morning, we plan to assist both the early and later groups  in getting to Ogilvie station for the train.  To provide ample time for the 6-block walk and time for everyone to purchase their train tickets, we'll leave from outside the front entrance of Club Quarters at 8 a.m. for the early group, and 10 a.m. for the later group.  You're welcome to walk or take a cab to Ogilvie on your own, however if you prefer to walk with the group,  please be on time, as we plan to leave promptly.  We're allowing enough time for the walk, ticket purchases, and boarding the train.
Ideally we'll all have our tickets in hand when we board, but if not ticket purchases can also be made on the train.
Ogilvie is at 500 W. Madison, the northwest corner of Madison and Canal (first street west of the river) in the Citigroup building.  The ticketing area is on the second floor, to the left of the escalators, and the train boarding areas are on the
second floor as well.  We'll be taking the Union Pacific North Line to Waukegan, and getting off at Glencoe for the trolleys to the Botanic Garden.  The train numbers are 319 (8:35 am) and 321 (10:35 am). 
As a reminder, feel free to visit our event blog's Google map, which includes marked SF locations of interest. 
This will likely be our last email update. . . it's hard to believe Spring Fling is finally upon us.  We're looking forward to meeting everyone on Friday!

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