Chicago Spring Fling Map

Below you should find a Google Map of Chicago with places of interest marked.

The camera icons represent gardens or places we'll stop and visit during Chicago Spring Fling.

The gold house icons represent the location of the two places we've recommended staying during Chicago Spring Fling.

The plane icons should be self-explanatory. The train icons represent the train stops at both airports that you should take into downtown Chicago. The train system in Chicago is generally referred to as the 'L.' Trains mostly travel north, south, east and west. To differentiate between the various routes we use a color system: blue, pink, red, green, orange, yellow, purple and brown. From O'Hare International Airport take the "Blue Line" into downtown Chicago. From Midway Airport take the "Orange Line" into downtown Chicago. Both trips are straight shots into what we call "The Loop." The Loop is an area of downtown Chicago surrounded by the 'L' tracks.

The food icons are places where you can grab a quick bite to eat without breaking your budget.

The shopping bag icons are places to pick up small items you may have forgotten to pack. Ranging from personal care items to batteries and memory cards for your camera.

The green arrow and star icons are used to mark various places of interest for people who may be traveling with you who don't think visiting gardens is all that fun. They cover a range of interests including sports, shopping, eating and places to spend the afternoon with kids.

This map will be updated up until the first day of Spring Fling. If you have comments or suggestions feel free to speak up here or directly to one of the coordinators.

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