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Carolyn Choi, garden blogger
I'm a transplant from Sweet Home Alabama. Except for the long, cold Chicago winters I love Sweet Home Chicago, thus the name of my blog.

I grew up on a farm in rural Northern Alabama where we were green before it was cool. We grew almost everything we ate including the chickens, pork and beef. That's about the best master gardening course that I know of -rigorous on-the-job-training starting at around age 10.

After relocating to Chicago I got married, raised 3 kids, and held a full-time job. My two passions-Gardening and Art were put on the back burner.

Once the nest was empty and I had clocked 30 years on the job I jumped head-first into painting and garden design and haven't regretted a single moment since. I took up garden blogging two years ago as something to do in the long Chicago winters and have made many like-minded friends and fellow garden geeks.

Last year the first meet-up of garden bloggers took place in Austin and it was a huge success. As much as I would have liked to go I wasn't able to attend due to my garden design business. This May is Chicago's turn and I am looking forward to meeting my cyber space friends in person.

In March last year , without prior notice or warning, Google's Blogger of Note selected Sweet Home and Garden Chicago. I awoke to 100,000 visitors in one week. Talk about 15 minutes of fame !

I'm kind of opinionated and some would even say sassy. I blame it on being the middle child and old age. You wouldn't know it now but I used to by shy. You can get away with a lot more stuff when you get old.

And, oh yes, I know that many readers are puzzled when they look at my photo and my last name . No, I haven't had cosmetic surgery. I'm married to a gentleman from the South - of Korea. So much for the saying that " East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet. "

Looking forward to seeing Y'all in May.

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