MrBrownThumb is the nom de plume of a gardener on Chicago's Southwest side. His interests in gardening began when as a kid he watched The Karate Kid movie franchise and was fascinated with the bonsai Mr. Miyagi trained. Eventually his interest in plants evolved and now cover a range of topics related to gardening. After five years of living without plants in 2005 he started the MrBrownThumb blog as a place to host some images and experiences related to gardening. It eventually blossomed into a "legitimate" gardening blog that covers indoor & outdoor gardening, cacti & succulents, houseplants, seeds, plant propagation, bugs he finds in his Chicago garden and general gardening tips & tricks. In 2007 he started, another blog this time devoted to the popular tender bulbs. In 2008 he started yet another blog but this one dedicated to the mechanics of garden blogging focused on the Blogger platform.

MrBrownThumb holds a B.A in Marketing Communications with a concentration in Advertising that his mom liked to point out was going to waste since he never bothered to attempt to gain employment in the field post college. MrBrownThumb currently brings home the bacon selling stock photos and doing whatever creative thing he can do to make money in order to avoid getting a real job so he can stay home and tend to his Marimo. Besides blogging, plants, advertising and photography MrBrownThumb is also interested in the Social Web, urban beautification, garden proselytizing to at risk youth in his neighborhood, community gardens, learning to write about himself in the third person and he hopes to one day sit on several boards so he can casually drop that fact at parties. In the meantime he toils away on his little blogs and waits for the day Oprah or Martha Stewart discover him and make him bigger than P. Allen Smith.

MrBrownThumb can be contacted through his blog or using this contact form. He's always interested in meeting fellow wannabe plant nerds, showing people how to blog, seeing gardens and meeting gardeners he can cover on his gardening blog.

I've removed the form below because recently I was contacted and presented with some unique opportunities for people interested in a more urban experience. We'll need to see where they can be fit into the schedule and maybe early Friday would work best. So for now the tours of the Lincoln Park Conservatory are on hold.

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