Cast Your Vote For One Seed Chicago 2012

One Seed Chicago is back for another round of voting in 2012. This year's candidates vying to be the one seed for Chicago in 2012 are: basil, chamomile and cilantro. How One Seed Chicago works: vote for your favorite of the three candidates, the seed with the most votes is deemed the winner and everyone in Chicago who votes get a free packet of seeds of the winner in the mail come spring. To vote visit the online ballot for One Seed Chicago and fill it out.

So far chamomile has received the endorsement Chicago gardeners blogroll members: 'Chicago Garden' and 'Garden Girl.' While 'Apartment Farm' has put its weight behind basil. Will you endorse a candidate on your blog and encourage your readers to vote for it? You can read the 2012 press release here, and grab yourself some One Seed Chicago graphics for a post here.

Congratulations to Chicago Gardeners blogroll member K-Town Homestead who probably had the best crop of the 2011 growing season. See why.

Chicago Gardener blogroll members check your Email inbox (spam folders in particular) in the coming weeks. Your contact information has been passed on to GreenMark Public Relations. They're handling marketing and PR for the Chicago Flower & Garden Show this year. We'll post a note closer to the show to remind you.

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