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In the winter and spring of 2009 an organizing committee consisting of five Chicagoland garden bloggers was formed and organized an event called Chicago Spring Fling. It was a gathering of garden bloggers from across the country. The archive for the event can be found here. For several of us this was the first time we had met in person. After the event we decided we wanted to keep in touch with each other and meet more of our Chicagoland garden bloggers.

The Chicago Gardeners blog, right now, serves as a collection of RSS feeds & links to make finding others like us a little bit easier. If you have a garden blog in the Chicagoland area and you want your feed added to the feed pool, simply add the Chicago Gardeners link to your blogroll or blog list and your feed will be added. The RSS pool is not limited just to garden bloggers, garden clubs, Foodies and other groups who publish a feed are welcomed as long as gardening is a large portion of your content. There is also a Flickr pool if you share photos on Flickr. We've set up a Google Group for discussing gardening, blogging issues or pass on information.

Note: For some reason the followers through Blogger accounts don't show up on the Google Friend Connect badge. If you've added Chicago Gardeners to your blog list or sidebar and your feed wasn't added leave a comment below or send an Email and you'll be added. Click the title of a particular blog post to read the comments.

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